The Truth About The Female Orgasm – Does It Help To Get You Pregnant?

When a couple is trying to get pregnant, it’s very easy for the act of sex to become mechanical, particularly for those couples that have been struggling for some time. After all, how erotic is making love to a calendar?

  • foreplay get forgotten
  • your sex loses its spark
  • you’re distracted with menstrual cycles
  • you’re bored with sperm counts
  • you’re preoccupied with ovulation

All that stuff is terrible for your lovemaking!

And while you may think that your sex life losing its spark is a small and temporary price to pay in order to get pregnant, this problem may actually be preventing your pregnancy.

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Why Better Sex Is More LIkely To Get You Pregnant

Despite research being in its early stages, there is already considerable evidence that sexual arousal and feelings of love and intimacy can dramatically improve fertility.

Researchers began this investigation based on behavior in certain animals whose desire for mating is triggered to coincide with the females ovulation. Research has shown that, on a subconscious level, men and women are the same.

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Why Eating Peas Could Be The Reason You’re Not Pregnant

When you’ve been struggling for some time to get pregnant, and you believe you’ve tried everything, then you must begin to eliminate every potential mistake you might be making – no matter how small or trivial it may seem.

Some of these small changes can produce incredible results, especially when enough of these small changes are made together.

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